AltcoinAnalytics Sentiment Tooling

Excel tooling to put all sentiment data to use!

1. Where can I get it?

You can download it here!

2. Do I need to enable macro's?

Yes, in order to have the tooling working properly macro’s need to be enabled. This is only for importing .csv files. For those who are hesitant (understandably), you can scan the file at (or any other online virusscanner to one’s liking) to guarantee it is safe

3. Where can I get new data?

Premium users will receive new data frequently with their newsletter. For regular users this will be supplied on an infrequent basis.

4. What can I see?

All sentiment data, split out by the Crypto of interest. More analytics will be added in the future!

5. Can I redistribute this data?

No only personal usage is allowed. Redistributing is not allowed.