Release of a new Crypto Dashboard!

A new interactive way of providing analytics has been released! The first (beta) version contains data with respect to the updates of codes on various cryptocurrencies. The dashboard shows:
– Commits per week
– Additions and deletions to the cryptocurrency code per week
The dashboard is free to use and new metrics will be added. In case you want to support the updates you can by donating to the mentioned adresses!

Note that not all crypto’s have publically available codes, so not all coins and codes are covered.


New report, major update on short-term signal overview!

The latest report introduces a major update on short-term signals!

This is request I received frequently from people using the regression tool, which offers more insight in shorter term movements in the crypto markets. The overview shows the top 5 increases and decreases of the following social media metrics:
• Largest increase/decrease in Twitter mentions
• Largest increase/decrease in Twitter Recipients
• Largest increase/decrease in Twitter Sentiment
• Largest increase/decrease in Reddit Subscribers
• Largest increase/decrease in Reddit Users Online
• Largest increase/decrease in Sentiment

Partial report is available below
20180210 Valuationreport_nc

Full report (15 EUR, new payment options added!)