New report available, pump indicator added

A new report has been uploaded. This new report includes a pump indicator which will also be introduced in forthcoming individual Crypto analysis reports. Below is a short explanation and rationale for this indicator.

20171227 Valuationreport_nc

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Pump indicator added. A pump indicator has been added to the report. The rationale for the indicator is the following. When a pump is setup Twitter bots will be activated Tweeting incoherent messages but raising the number of specific cryptocoin mentions. Relevant accounts however will not mention and therefore the mentions by Large accounts (La) will not significantly increase. Having La mentions staying the same but regular mentions soaring, the ratio of regular mentions to La mentions (regular mentions / Large account mentions) will increase. In case of justified significant cryptocoin specific market news both large account mentions and regular mentions will increase, keeping their ratio’s relatively the same.

The indicator shows ratio between Large account mentions relative to regular mentions. Page 2 shows the top 5 largest relative increases over the last day. Moreover soon individual cryptocurrency scoring reports will be released, also showing this metric.


Below is an example for Civic (price is scaled) which shows some indication of a leading relationship. When dataset will be sufficient the statistic validity will be tested. As with all metrics, do not take this at face value and incorporate it in a broader analysis as there will always be some noise and false positive with these metrics.