New report available, new metrics added

A new report is available. The report has two newly added metrics which focuses on large account Twitter exposure of Cryptocurrencies. Below a short description along with an updated reading guide.

Two new metrics are added as part of the total Twitter metric. These two metrics look at mentions and sentiment of coin specific Tweets of Influencer (Inf) Twitter accounts. These are Twitter accounts that have a large number of followers. Rationale is that accounts that have many followers likely have more impact than accounts with few followers, and are also more likely acted upon by followers. This new metrics is now weight as 25% of total Twitter score, but this will be more finetuned in the future by optimizing the explanatory power. Below a short description of the metric:

Inf mnt: Influencer mentions – This is the number of times a specific coin is mentioned by a Twitter account with a large follower base. This is represented as a Z-score (like other metrics), representing the number of standard deviations this metric differs from average number of mentions of all cryptocurrencies. For example a score of 3 means that a crypto is mentioned 3 standard deviations more than the average cryptocurrency

Inf sent: Influencer sentiment – The sentiment of tweets by Twitter accounts with a large follower base. This also is represented as Z-score. A positive number implies that Tweets are more positive on average, while a negative score means on average a more negative sentiment.


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Reading guide Valuation Report v2

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