New individual cryptocurrency analytics report released

A new report is added to analyse a individual cryptocurrency in depth. The analyse contains Twitter, Reddit, Google Trends and Github analytics. Raw values as well as relative scores are analysed, and also the newly released pump indicator is added. Bi-weekly a full report will become available for free on this website and to subscribers of the newsletter. A reading guide is supplied to assist in interpreting the report numbers.


Reading guide individual Cryptocurrency report
Reading guide Individual Valuation Report

Cryptocurrency valuation report (free version)
20171230 Valuationreport_nc

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Individual analysis reports
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New report available, pump indicator added

A new report has been uploaded. This new report includes a pump indicator which will also be introduced in forthcoming individual Crypto analysis reports. Below is a short explanation and rationale for this indicator.

20171227 Valuationreport_nc

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Pump indicator added. A pump indicator has been added to the report. The rationale for the indicator is the following. When a pump is setup Twitter bots will be activated Tweeting incoherent messages but raising the number of specific cryptocoin mentions. Relevant accounts however will not mention and therefore the mentions by Large accounts (La) will not significantly increase. Having La mentions staying the same but regular mentions soaring, the ratio of regular mentions to La mentions (regular mentions / Large account mentions) will increase. In case of justified significant cryptocoin specific market news both large account mentions and regular mentions will increase, keeping their ratio’s relatively the same.

The indicator shows ratio between Large account mentions relative to regular mentions. Page 2 shows the top 5 largest relative increases over the last day. Moreover soon individual cryptocurrency scoring reports will be released, also showing this metric.


Below is an example for Civic (price is scaled) which shows some indication of a leading relationship. When dataset will be sufficient the statistic validity will be tested. As with all metrics, do not take this at face value and incorporate it in a broader analysis as there will always be some noise and false positive with these metrics.

New report available, new metrics added

A new report is available. The report has two newly added metrics which focuses on large account Twitter exposure of Cryptocurrencies. Below a short description along with an updated reading guide.

Two new metrics are added as part of the total Twitter metric. These two metrics look at mentions and sentiment of coin specific Tweets of Influencer (Inf) Twitter accounts. These are Twitter accounts that have a large number of followers. Rationale is that accounts that have many followers likely have more impact than accounts with few followers, and are also more likely acted upon by followers. This new metrics is now weight as 25% of total Twitter score, but this will be more finetuned in the future by optimizing the explanatory power. Below a short description of the metric:

Inf mnt: Influencer mentions – This is the number of times a specific coin is mentioned by a Twitter account with a large follower base. This is represented as a Z-score (like other metrics), representing the number of standard deviations this metric differs from average number of mentions of all cryptocurrencies. For example a score of 3 means that a crypto is mentioned 3 standard deviations more than the average cryptocurrency

Inf sent: Influencer sentiment – The sentiment of tweets by Twitter accounts with a large follower base. This also is represented as Z-score. A positive number implies that Tweets are more positive on average, while a negative score means on average a more negative sentiment.


20171220 Valuationreport_nc

Reading guide Valuation Report v2

Drop indicator first results

A few weeks back the “drop indicator” was introduced in to the report. Last saturday this was for the first time signalling on a top 10 valuated coin, namely PURA. This was also mentioned in the bi-weekly report send out saturday. Today I checked the first results which seemed quite nice. Though far from conclusive, this does indicate that there is value in monitoring this. Subscribe to the newsletter to also receive these report. In the future there will also be the possibilty to increase the frequency of receiving this report.

New report available, subscribe to receive the reports first!

A new report is available. Subscribe to the newsletter to receive the full report (one week)!

Added is an update on the performance of past top 10 scorecard coins. HPR indicates the Holding Period Return (return if coins were held since they were scored). Next updates will look at returns of sub-indicators.
These returns don’t guarantee any future returns, nor are they an indication for future returns. This report should be used as an indicator of crypto’s to further investigate. I’m not responsible for any errors in calculations below.

20171206 Valuationreport_nc




New ICO analysis report!

Last few weeks I have been working on a report scoping sentiment for ICO’s. The report looks at ICO’s published over the last 45 days, and measures sentiment for those ICO’s. The ICO report will be updated frequently and send along with the valuation report. Below is the latest version along with a reading guide. Moreover also the latest valuation report is published.


20171202 ICO_analysis

Reading guide ICO analysis

20171202 Valuationreport_nc