New valuation scorecard available! Further improvements underway

I’ve created a new valuation scorecard which will be added to the regular report forĀ  the coming days. See below for a detailed explanation.

20171114 Valuationreport

I am a believer of fundamental (not technical) analysis in order to value coins (as a supplement to plain research and common sense). Coming from a traditional investment background I coded a scorecard to value cryptocurrency based on Twitter, Google, Reddit and Github analysis . The code score the metrics below with a Z-score (each value is score relative to a normal distribution with mean = 0 and standard deviation = 1. Then, given pre determined weights, each coin is scored on how it compares to the other top 100 coins. In case someone has feedback or questions let me know

  • Twitter metrics
    • Mentions – Number of Tweets on a coin relative to its market cap
    • Recipients – Number of people that receive the Tweet relative to its market cap
    • Sentiment – Average tone of Tweets (positive or negative)
  • Reddit Metrics
    • Subscr – Numbers of subscribers to a subreddit relative to market cap
    • U onl – Number of average online users on a Subreddit relative to market cap
    • Sentiment – Average tone of posts of top 25 (positive or negative)
  • Google Trends
    • Number of searches on coin relative to its market cap
  • Github
    • Avg commits over last month
    • Number of additions over last month

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