New report available. Google Trends data added

A new report is available. The last page with valuation metrics has been updated with Google trends data. Google trends doesnt show absolute number of search results but relative popularity. In order to results comparable across different coins popularity relative to the searchterm “Cryptocurrency” is shown.

The report now also shows the top 25% highest (green) and 25% lowest (red) values in a column.

Below a short description of all current social media valuation metrics found in the report:

  • Name – Name of the coin
  • 7d(%) – 7 days return
  • mkt cap – Market capitalization of the coin in mio $
  • Google – Search popularity of coin relative to term “Cryptocurrency”)
  • Reddit Subscr – number of subscribers to the coin subReddit
  • Reddit Sentiment – Average sentiment of hot 25 post in subReddit (taken in to account up and downvotes)
  • Twitter mnt day – Number of Twitter mentions with #coin (eg, #Bitcoin, #Ethereum) per coin
  • Twitter pos tw – Average positive tweets (sentiment >0,5)
  • Twitter rcp – Average number of recipients (Twitter mentions with more followers have more weight)
  • Per $ – Here all metrics are scaled by market cap. This therefore shows all metrics per $ market cap

20171018 Altcoinreport

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