Twitter mention data updated, new report

The twitter hourly frequency graph has been updated, along with a new report. #Bitcoin data is showin a gap in the query, this is being looked in to.

20170913 Altcoinreport

  • Dude this is great man, I have been wanting to build an automated crypto market chart indicator tracker that auto alerts favorable market conditions by sms. And I had the thought to add in social media data and correlate between the 2!!!! Anyways great job man this looks amazing

  • Nice blog and nice analysis.
    Would you mind open sourcing your scripts used to gather Twitter data? Are you doing sentiment analysis or just counting the number of tweets?

    Best regards

    • I plan to open source it in the future, for now I still want to add some functions in the future and clean up the code. For the script on gathering twitter data have a look at the tweepy library, that is doing most of the gathering in my script.
      In the report I’m doing both, number of tweets are reported per hour and a sentimental analysis is done per tweet (using textblob library)

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